Computer Literacy Program

We are empowering the youth in rural areas by providing them with IT knowledge since 2008. Though this subject is a part of our education system, the underprivileged sections of our society have little or no access to computers because of a lack of resources in government schools. Our program ensures the availability of resources and helps rural students to strengthen their operational skills and improve their employability. It also opens the window to new career opportunities and increases their chances of gaining higher education.

  • Through this program, we aim to impart basic computer operation skills and digital literacy to rural children & youth.
  • We follow a well-structured curriculum and twice-a-year assessment system for teachers & students.
  • To ensure smooth functioning, we regularly upgrade computer labs with necessary infrastructure like desktop sets, table-chairs, UPS & internet connectivity.
  • We conduct Cosmo Computer Awards every year, awarding laptops to the best performers. It serves as a motivation for other students who feel encouraged to perform even better in the year ahead.
  • We arrange exposure visits to provide a better understanding of the use of technology in day-to-day life.
  • Apart from educating the youth, we also train parents through our Basic Computer course during the summer holidays.
  • Additionally, we conduct training sessions on the use of digital transactions, Photoshop, eCommerce, net banking, internet usage, and networking.
  • We train the local youth, which helps in engaging them as computer teachers.
  • Every year, 7000 rural students benefit through this program across Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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Computer Literacy Program – Aurangabad