Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

At Cosmo Foundation, periodic assessment of students, concurrent monitoring of classrooms and programs and impact evaluation with external agencies is a regular phenomenon.  

The major impact of Cosmo Foundation Programs:

  • 42000 rural children and youth from 112 villages benefitted through Cosmo educational programs.
  • 1, 00,000 rural community members were imparted health, hygiene and COVID Awareness.
  • 2, 50, 000 lives benefitted through COVID Relief.
  • 5000 rural students got access to clean toilets in Govt schools.
  • 400 waste bins installed across villages to promote cleanliness.
  • Promoted rural livelihood and green environment with plantation of 5000 fruit trees.
  • Promotion of clean and green environment with plantation across schools and public places.
  • Built a cadre of community based teachers with trainings and employment.
  • 51 rural students awarded Laptops for the best performance in Computer Literacy Program
  • Trained rural youth on digital operations, English communication and soft skills.
  • CF Qualitative Outcome Report March 2016

  • Impact Assessment Report 2013

  • Computer Literacy Program - Review Report March 2010