Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Computer Literacy Programs

Computer Literacy Program

Our Computer Literacy Program aims to provide IT knowledge & strengthen operational skills. The use of computers is inevitable in any industry, thus we have designed this skill-based course to enhance the employability of youth in remote areas. To ensure it benefits everyone, we partner with rural government schools and empower students with IT education.

Till now, educated 30,000 + youngsters through this program.

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Cosmo Gyan Vihar Kendra Karjan

Cosmo Gyan Vihar Kendra & Skill Development

This program aims to strengthen fundamental literacy by imparting reading & writing skills among rural students. Most of the students in remote areas lack basic functional literacy skills, hampering their overall learning & growth. Our specialized courses encourage students to explore, experiment & express their thoughts & emotions effectively. Our efforts are not limited to imparting education but nurturing an enquiring mind that guides them to the path of lifelong learning. We also train local women (Balmitras) who can further educate students and create self-sufficiency.

Till now, educated 13000 + children through this program.

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Life Skill Education Programs

Life Skill Education Program

Our Life Skill Education program aims at developing sensitive and independent thinking ability in children. People in rural areas often fail to understand the importance of health and hygiene, and lack learning skills, creativity & critical thinking. We create awareness & educate both students and our Balmitras to enhance interpersonal relations, social & communication skills, and build personal hygiene & a positive attitude towards studying.

Till now, we’ve helped over 9,000 children & youth through this program.

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Basic English Learning Programs

Basic English Learning Program

The aim of this program is to open a window to new opportunities in rural areas with English learning. Knowledge of the English language alongside their native language gives them an edge in pursuing higher education or gaining employment. Our Basic English Learning program is designed for rural students, parents & local school teachers and fills the gap created by the lack of proficient English teachers.

Till now, educated 9000+ students through this program.

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Cosmo Digi Online Pathshaala

Cosmo Digi Pathshaala

Cosmo Digi Pathshala aims to empower rural & tribal students with online learning. It was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide education even during the strict lockdown. Cosmo Foundation actively responded to the situation by bringing education online. The teachers & Balmitras toiled hard and coordinated with parents to create WhatsApp groups with the noble intention of engaging students in creative activities and coeducational learning.

Till now, over 3000 + children & youth are engaged in this program..

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Cosmo Udayan Shalini Fellowship and Mentorship Program

Cosmo Girls Education Empowerment Programs

This program aims to educate & empower girls (Shalinis) from the underprivileged community with fellowship, mentorship, training & exposure. We provide them with 5 years of support, which includes mentoring them for life skills and providing them employability workshops such that they develop a sense of giving back to society. They are encouraged to seek employment after completion of their graduation or study further. We train them to become socially, economically & emotionally independent.

It is successfully running across 23 states, having empowered thousands of women nationwide.

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