Cosmo Digi Pathshaala

We are making Digital Education a reality even in rural areas. When schools, colleges, offices and public places were closed due to COVID-19 induced lockdown, our team undertook the most challenging task of bringing education online. The teachers & Balmitras toiled hard and coordinated with parents to create WhatsApp groups with the noble intention of engaging students in creative activities and coeducational learning.

  • We developed a weekly schedule with ranging topics like digital literacy, English & native language communication, practical arithmetic, health & hygiene, art & craft, career guidance, moral stories & motivation and logical reasoning and celebration of national days.
  • Our in-house English faculty delivers video lessons under the directive of Sr. Faculty and Program Coordinator.
  • We organize dedicated online Zoom classes for English Communication and Digital Literacy for selected students.
  • The curriculum content is developed grade-wise and shared on respective WhatsApp groups daily.
  • Teachers call students every week to ensure regular participation.
  • Teachers also teach parents & students to use various features of smartphones for efficient online learning.
  • We encourage students to practice exercises in the book and send pictures or audio/video messages on Whatsapp groups.
  • 3000 students are benefitting from the Digital education program by Cosmo Foundation.

Cosmo Digi Pathshala