Transforming Lives of Communities

Transforming Lives of Communities through Education, Skill Development, Health, Hygiene and Environmental Initiatives.

About Cosmo Foundation

about us

Cosmo Foundation

Cosmo Foundation was established in 2008 as the philanthropic wing of Cosmo First Limited to spearhead the firm’s CSR initiatives. We started with a belief that “we can make a difference to the lesser privileged ones around” by strengthening mainstream education in rural areas with skill-based courses, running environmental programs, and eliminating local & social issues or taboos through awareness programs.

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Meals Served

2.5 Lac+

Meals served

Childrens Education


Children Educated

Cosmo Foundation - Helping People

4.40 Lac+

People Helped

Our Programs

Cosmo Foundation- Educational Programs

Educational Programs

The educational programs are mostly aimed at supplementing rural education. The programs are designed in such a fashion that they impart employment skills & also improve the overall quality of life of students. This includes Computer Literacy, Gyan Vihar Kendras, Life Skills Education, Basic English Learning, Digi Pathshala, and Cosmo Udayan Shalini Fellowship & Mentorship programs. Most of these programs are carried out at government schools in the villages neighboring our Karjan & Aurangabad manufacturing units.

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Environment Protection Programs

Environment Protection Programs

The program aims to create sensitivity towards the environment and build awareness on health & hygiene through our Clean & Green Initiatives. We develop and maintain public gardens, and run plantation drives with local farmers, rural government schools & municipalities. We also create campaigns to promote waste disposal habits in rural communities and sensitize school children to environmental concerns.

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Cosmo Foundation - Awareness Program

Awareness Programs

These programs aim to create a healthy & conscious society by educating them on the importance of health, hygiene, life skills, environment, economy and more, through our various awareness programs. These include Menstrual Hygiene & Reproductive Health, Mother’s Nutrition & Health, and Safe Touch - Unsafe Touch awareness programs, and Swachhata Campaign. We identify local & social issues or taboos hampering the overall development of children & adults in a community to bring about a meaningful change.

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Response To Natural Disasters

Response to Natural Disasters

We aim to help the community in the occurrence of unforeseen & unfortunate incidents by working on the field and providing immediate relief to the people in need. Recently, we organized various programs to support the families adversely affected by the social & economic crisis emanating from COVID-19. We helped daily wagers & marginalized communities with food and health & hygiene kits distribution.

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