Life Skill Education Program

This program aims at developing sensitive and independent thinking ability in children. People in rural areas often fail to understand the importance of health & hygiene and education, and lack creativity & critical thinking. They do not receive the appropriate exposure required to create a healthy & decent lifestyle. We tackle these challenges through our thoughtful-curated curricula. This program consists of five modules for training our Balmitras, each of which focuses on different life skills.

  • Through this program, we educate students on the importance of personal hygiene & healthy living practices and promote behavioral changes among them.
  • We develop creative and critical thinking through non-conventional activities and games.
  • Our aim is to guide students with effective study strategies by building a positive attitude and using correct techniques.
  • We also conduct activities to enhance their social skills, interpersonal relations, and communication through various exercises.
  • Every year, 1500 students benefit through this program.

Life Skill Education