Basic English Learning Program

The language barrier is one of the key challenges for rural youth in gaining employment or pursuing higher studies. Our Basic English Learning program opens the window to new opportunities for students, parents & local school teachers by enhancing their communication skills in the English language and filling in the gap created by the lack of proficient English teachers in rural areas.

  • The Basic English Language Comfort program is designed for beginners.
  • Our curriculum focuses on phonetics & common reading patterns, active listening & pronunciation skills, oral communication & comprehension, cursive patterns through audio-visuals, and activity-based learning.
  • We conduct a Basic English Learning Course during the summer holidays with a special focus on conversation practice & personality development of local youth.
  • We have digitalized English learning modules for beginners and advanced learners.
  • We help students in improving academic performance, pursuing higher education & gaining employment.
  • 1000 students in Gujarat benefit from this program every year.
  • 1500+ learners are engaged in Cosmo Basic English Capsule (Web learning portal) with 23000 + video viewership.

Basic English Learning Program Karjan